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June 07 2012

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May 21 2012

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The Secret Santa
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NYPD finest
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March 07 2012

- A czy ma pan w ogóle jakieś ludzkie uczucia?
- Mam.
- Na przykład?
- Głód.
- I co jeszcze?
- Nuda.
— M. Hłasko "Palcie ryż każdego dnia"

February 08 2012

"The wonderful CK/CK shared this photograph, taken near London in November of 1942. Breaking between missions flying machines less sophisticated than a contemporary car in a war of annihilation with a nearby and superior enemy, a pilot breaks for a haircut, reading, and a pipe. The insistence on the accouterments of culture, on leisure —the book and pipe, of course, but also the nearly formal attire of the barber and the pattern of the sheet wrapped around his shoulders— seems so British, so laudable, so impossible to imagine today for innumerable reasons one hardly has the energy even to consider."

November 17 2011


Nutella Shooters

What you’ll need:

1 cup shaved ice
1/2 cup whole milk
1 shot of Irish Cream Liqueur
2 teaspoons Nutella {+ additional to rim glasses}

What to do:
1. Into your blender add: ice, milk, liqeur and pulse to combine. Add Nutella & continue pulsing until well combined.

2. Rim shot glasses with Nutella. Distributed mixture evenly among glasses.

November 10 2011

Jednorożec to tylko wielki koń, który zwęża się w szpic. Nie ma się czym podniecać.
— Sir Terry Pratchett
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August 29 2011

August 04 2011

- To ja poproszę plecak ze stelażem.
- A jaki konkretnie panią interesuje ?
- Duży.
- Jak duży ?
- No taki żeby zwłoki weszły.
- Ale dorosłego człowieka ?

Pan ze sklepu sportowego - bezcenny.
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July 08 2011

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Tom Hanks loves Bacon
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July 06 2011

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July 05 2011

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July 01 2011

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June 18 2011

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June 11 2011

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“I feeeeel you, Joannaaaaaaa~” never gets old. *sigh*

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May 31 2011

- Co pan sądzi o przemijaniu?
- Jestem przeciw
— Miłosz, wyczytane w Przekroju
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May 15 2011

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